Ministry Family Trips

We have one main goal with Refresh Ministry Family Trips:  joy-filled endurance for you and your family.  

 Whether you’re new to ministry or you’ve been serving 40+ years, we want to help your family thrive in every season of ministry!

How we do that is simple. We celebrate your family! 

Refresh Family Trips have so sessions or program agenda, just an expenses paid family trip! Yes, for real! We sincerely believe in the value of giving your family time to just be… family.  Oh, and have some serious fun doing it! If you’re in full-time ministry, our Refresh Trip is a chance for you to get away with your family, and spend time as husband, wife, son and daughter.  We believe these trips help maintain healthy families, and that helps support a healthy ministry.  Contact us today to learn more about eligibility and get an application for a Refresh Ministry Family Trip!